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Sunday, June 30, 2013


Its been a long time since I have to post a letter!!  With the advance in technology we do not need post office as much as we used to. Today we stay in touch via the various social medias like FB, twitters, emails where we are kept aware of the happenings ........ very much so with our smart phones.

I remembered those days where my friends and I used to wait for postmen like as if they were our best friends....not any more.... and writing and posting letters are our only way of communication - most of our family cannot afford the telephone and mobiles were unheard of.

So when I have to post some stuff to a friend, it was a pretty strange feeling walking into the post office....

And its not cheap to use the posting services....
Those days of 15cents for a sealed letter and a 10cents for an unsealed one were definitely a thing of the past.. too good to last!!

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