Quote of the Day

Monday, August 6, 2012


We read so much about Singlish (Singapore English), Manglish (Malaysian English).  Now we have a programme in Astro (Malaysian tv service provider) on the subject "Oh, my English".  And this is how we Penangites communicate with each othere in our so "perfect" English.....a typical family conversation with the child speaking not more than 2 words....

Mum to daughter:  "Can you help me finish the house chores please?"
Daughter (not too willing)  : "Can gua"
Mum to daughter:  "After that you can go shop for the dress you always wanted"
Daughter (now more energy) : "Can meh?"
Mum to daughter:  "Of course you can but the chores have to be finished"
Daughter (now excited): "Can Can"