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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Homeless with a Sense of Humour

I found these pictures in my email inbox, as always, another of the random forward mail but this one touches my heart. I wish to share and bring your attention to how resilient some people are. They may be down and out but somehow they found a cheerful and creative way of asking for help of which I admire greatly!!

Angkor Wat - One of the 7 Ancient Wonders!

Cambodia ~~ where the great "Angkor Wat" was built some hundred of years ago is indeed a spectacular sight. I was recently in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap with 9 others (2 young girls joined our group to make it to 10).

It was a memorable tour for me and I had great fun, so does the rest in the group.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Listening Skill

I was told that God gave us two ears and on mouth because He wants us to listen more than we talk. Somehow, I estimated that about 90% of the human race rather talk than listen. Listening is hard, it is hard for me too!

Some people practise "selective listening" ; they only listen to what they want to hear and this is a very common cause for communication breakdown, which further create misunderstanding and things being done the wrong way. Mistakes are then made........

One simple example was when we were discussing about our ailing mother ..... our 2nd elder sister was trying to explain to us about clear, murky or foamy urine; how we must observe our mother's urine in order to know about her physical health. But unfortunately, our youngest sister interjected cheekily that if you drink the household cleanser your urine will definitely be foamy!!

Everyone laughed!! The discussion was interupted. None of us were any wiser about how to recognise unhealthy urine.

Anyway, one can change the situation by just consciously pausing to at least listen until the speaker is finished with his "yakerty yak" before interupting with a question or to crack a joke!

Learn to listen consciously which is actually very simple if you control your brain from processing for that moment......... give it a try!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Filial Piety

I had a life experience and learned about filial piety recently when my mum has fallen very ill all of a sudden. As a chinese decendent, I was brought up with a lot of emphasis on being filial to the elders and it has always been what I valued most and want my next generations to have this value but in reality I have not been given an opportunity to put into practise what I have learned all my young years.

When my paternal grandmother was bedridden due to old age, my siblings and I took it for granted that she was waiting for her time. We took it that she will be cared for and my mother has taken up the task of caring for her full time for 2 long years. We (my siblings and I) just came to visit anytime at our convenience. We thought we were doing our duties and we were being filial as grandchildren.

Six months after our grandmother passed on, our father was diagnosed with cancer and also bedridden abiding for his time. Again my mother was left to care for him alone and we just came visiting. All because we already have our own families and own life to live.

When our mother was having a near-death experience, we (my siblings and I) regretted not doing enough for her and wanted a second chance. With the help of our most respected "Tutor", my family's divine power, she was brought back to us. We were all grateful but was in disarray as to how we can fit our lifes into hers, how we could devised a smooth plan to care for her while we can still have our own lifes.......

Things fall into place after some teething problems, for 7 siblings to agree is a hard task but amidst much disagreement, disappointment and many arguments, we managed to run our household with the least interruptions and be able to spend time with our mother who is now healthy except for the bedsore she acquired during the 3 days of unconsciousness.

We, 6 sisters and 1 brother managed so well, we are her driver, adviser, nurse, care-giver and loving children all blend in one. Even our elders sister who suffered from oesteo-arthritis managed to chip in doing the loads of household chores like cooking and washing while we assist in both caring for our mother's need as well as keeping her house sparkling clean with a happy atmosphere.

We find it a pleasure to keep her in comfort while she is healing and all of us do our part and tries not to step on each other's toes and we practise the "give and take" concept making full use of our individual potential; be it personal traits, talent and finance.

I can say my mother is a happier person before her illness..... and I felt that we have been given a second chance and we will have to make full use of it!!