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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Who is king of the Road?

 I posted this in my FB timeline.... I just wanted to get to the bottom of the question 
"Who is king of the road?"

Although the message on buses indicated to "Please give way to buses", does that means they are king of the road?

My advocation is that "HUMAN" and "LIVING BEINGS" should naturally be the kings of the road!!  Having said that I have personally witness disrespect on the road..........

In China, especially primary city like Beijing, the drivers care not two hoots about pedestrians.  They exercise their rights to "right turn" even if the traffic light is red on their side and they will mull you down if you will to be in their way......ridiculously no qualms on human life.....

However,  in Australia, as soon as a pesdestrian steps on the "zebra" crossing, the passing car came to a complete stop, well away from the crossing.....majority of the drivers (sometimes Asian are excepted) will stop their vehicle near all pedestrian crossing. 

In Australia, especially in Melbourne, where the tram is a major feature of public transport, one has to give way to them; it is written on the tram that it weighs as much as a thousand rhinos!!!  So it would serve you well to stay away!!

What about Malaysia....the people are friendly, kind and peace loving but when it come to road manners they can be a menace.  Some drivers (not all), will rush to get through before the pedestrian crossing lights turn red....or they will stop so near the crossing, you might feel intimidated to even dare cross the road.

All in all, it is an overwhelming experience learning about different countries rules of the road!!  Not to mention the different side of driving...........right or left hand drive........it makes a lot of different to look in the right direction before crossing a road!!   So, if you are like me, who advocates that pedestrians should be kings of the road, you will have to think again!!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Its a world of ALPHABETS!!

Am I digressing or what?  I don't seems to understand many things these days!  Do I have to sign up for the latest language class where people communicate in alphabets?

Yes alphabets - the first sets of alphabets got to me is ROFLMAO, I thought it was a boy's name or a new spelling for ROMEO or something.... and when I asked what he meant he must think I'm dense!  All these while I was thinking I must be cool or what, I could sms (short messaging service), I could whatapps, I could chat on MSN and I used quite a bit of shortforms like brb, 2moro, nth, u, y, hv, b4, omg, lol, pic, n, d - isn't that a cool handful?

Then I came across this cartoon picture and I have this strong feeling that is where our future generations are heading......

And I could say its not really this generation's fault; its probably the fault of our generation if the following picture is anything to go by............

Friday, July 5, 2013

Portobelo Mushroom Baked

Inspired by the Master Chef series and many cook shows on the TV,
I came up with my very own concoction of a quick fix meal

 Remove the mushroom stem; chopped them up

Fillings can consist of many items;
I used chopped garlic as fillings once.
But this case (cooking for non-garlic lover)
 I have to think of alternatives,
so I use pumpkin n sweet corns instead.

Mixed all chopped ingredients and seasoned with salt, black pepper,
butter and cream (optional)
to give it a crunchy feel,
you can either add chopped walnuts or almonds

Topped with grated cheese (parmesan or mozzarela) till golden brown on top
For a wholesome meal, served with mash potatoes 
but it serves as a meal by itself!!

Custard Apple

A winter fruit to enjoy!!  Just love it!!  

Looks and feel like soursop but the taste is totally different.
Its different in taste and texture
This is smooth and very sweet with no tinge of sourness at all
So aptly described by a friend ...."taste heavenly".

Monday, July 1, 2013

Brunch at Grain Store

Good morning
time for late breakfast and early lunch at 11.00am!!


 beverage order came first 
Hot Chocolate

 Hmmmm.... the coffee smells so good.... dying for a sip!

And the long awaited dishes ............
"yummy yummy"

Brioche & Buffallo Mozzerella
spice nashi pears.candied walnuts.basil 17

 Portobello Mushrooms & Raclatte Potato Rosti
Poached eggs, hazelnut hollandaise 18

Orange Cured Salmon & Fried Poached Egg
truffle creme fraiche, smoked eggplant & crostini 17 
 the fried poached egg cut open!!

Hot Chocolate Cake to finish as dessert 
(actually it did not happen that way, 
this dish was served first 
and we got no choice but to eat it before it gets cold)
They have yet to improve on a few pointers; long wait for drinks and food, hot chocolate served was lukewarm; the sequence of food served was wrong; the food portion a little on the small side; the salmon was a wee bit salty and has lost its flavour (can i say its over-cured!);  however, one of the waitress was very cheerful, friendly and helpful and the ambience and decor is pleasing.  That kind of counter balance the negative aspects on food service.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Art Precinct - St Kilda Road

With the sun shining and at 17 degree,
we set off  on our Sunday outing
to the
Art Precinct at St Kilda Road... 
a short tram ride away
Its  the Sunday Market
 Most of the stalls display local arts and crafts; handmade leather bags, water color paintings, costumes jewelleries ....and unique foodstuff...

Chooh La La
Praline nuts packed in recycleable designer bags

 Too tempting.........so we ended up first with 1 small bag of Macadamia nuts @ $8
then went back for another bag of medium $15


Its been a long time since I have to post a letter!!  With the advance in technology we do not need post office as much as we used to. Today we stay in touch via the various social medias like FB, twitters, emails where we are kept aware of the happenings ........ very much so with our smart phones.

I remembered those days where my friends and I used to wait for postmen like as if they were our best friends....not any more.... and writing and posting letters are our only way of communication - most of our family cannot afford the telephone and mobiles were unheard of.

So when I have to post some stuff to a friend, it was a pretty strange feeling walking into the post office....

And its not cheap to use the posting services....
Those days of 15cents for a sealed letter and a 10cents for an unsealed one were definitely a thing of the past.. too good to last!!