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Monday, July 8, 2013

Its a world of ALPHABETS!!

Am I digressing or what?  I don't seems to understand many things these days!  Do I have to sign up for the latest language class where people communicate in alphabets?

Yes alphabets - the first sets of alphabets got to me is ROFLMAO, I thought it was a boy's name or a new spelling for ROMEO or something.... and when I asked what he meant he must think I'm dense!  All these while I was thinking I must be cool or what, I could sms (short messaging service), I could whatapps, I could chat on MSN and I used quite a bit of shortforms like brb, 2moro, nth, u, y, hv, b4, omg, lol, pic, n, d - isn't that a cool handful?

Then I came across this cartoon picture and I have this strong feeling that is where our future generations are heading......

And I could say its not really this generation's fault; its probably the fault of our generation if the following picture is anything to go by............

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