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Monday, July 1, 2013

Brunch at Grain Store

Good morning
time for late breakfast and early lunch at 11.00am!!


 beverage order came first 
Hot Chocolate

 Hmmmm.... the coffee smells so good.... dying for a sip!

And the long awaited dishes ............
"yummy yummy"

Brioche & Buffallo Mozzerella
spice nashi pears.candied walnuts.basil 17

 Portobello Mushrooms & Raclatte Potato Rosti
Poached eggs, hazelnut hollandaise 18

Orange Cured Salmon & Fried Poached Egg
truffle creme fraiche, smoked eggplant & crostini 17 
 the fried poached egg cut open!!

Hot Chocolate Cake to finish as dessert 
(actually it did not happen that way, 
this dish was served first 
and we got no choice but to eat it before it gets cold)
They have yet to improve on a few pointers; long wait for drinks and food, hot chocolate served was lukewarm; the sequence of food served was wrong; the food portion a little on the small side; the salmon was a wee bit salty and has lost its flavour (can i say its over-cured!);  however, one of the waitress was very cheerful, friendly and helpful and the ambience and decor is pleasing.  That kind of counter balance the negative aspects on food service.

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